Frequently Asked Questions

Is membership FREE?

Yes!   We offer a general membership and it is FREE.   We also offer a plus version (which comes with extra perks and a small monthly fee 

What "perks" come with the + version of membership?

- Priority Booking.   We book + members first!
- Booking Fee Waiver - we waive our booking fee for + members.

How much is a + membership?

Its only $9.95 per month! 

What is your booking process?

If you have ever flown on SW Airlines, this will make more sense.    We book in groups and within each group we book in order of received requests.  The group booking order is as follows 
+ Members
General Members
Friends of Kevin Aguilar 

Are we a ticket broker or reseller ?

Nope.   We obtain our tickets directly from the vendor.   

What kind of mark ups do we have on tickets?

So in most cases we obtain an actual discount on our tickets of anywhere from 10% - 25%.   We then pass that savings on to our members (less the fees).     

What are your hidden fees ?

There are none.   We sell the tickets to you at cost.   The service fee we charge is the fee we must pay to Visa (merchant services) and our processor Square.   Now we love to book tickets but we cant pay our bills on love alone so we do charge a booking fee per ticket of $7 per ticket.  This fee is waived how ever for plus members.   Typically members will still come out ahead even with this fee.  If we have $100 seats, and can secure a 20% discount - that is a $20 savings, so even if you are paying $7-$10 in our fees you still would save in this scenario $10-$13 per ticket 

How are we able to offer such great seating options?

Well since we work directly with the vendors, we often secure our seating assignments prior to the tickets going on sale to the general public  

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